The Birth of Paislee Jo Weitzel

On Wednesday April 13th, 2016 at 10:15 a.m., Christina and Kyle Weitzel welcomed their third child and big brother Maverick and big sister Natalie met their new baby sister. In preparation for what she was planning to be a natural birth, Christina’s midwife and sister, Kim, hung these encouraging signs for her to read in the weeks leading up to the big day:

“For all those reading who are going to have a baby and want to have a natural birth, just remember you can do it!” Christina says. “Is it going to be hard? Hell yes. Are you going to want to give up? YES. Will you feel like you are being ripped in two? Yup. Will you feel on top of the world when your baby is in your arms? Without a doubt. …remember YOU CAN BIRTH STRONG.”

Christina is the founder and owner of, an online store dedicated to all things natural for you and your little ones. Check out her blog ( for more birth stories and other great reads!


Paislee is our 3rd child and her birth story differs from the other two (as they all do). With my first two, I didn’t have a contraction until it was go time, with Paislee I started having contractions on Easter March 27th up until I had her. They were not strong or consistent but they were still there. There were a few nights we thought she was going to join us, only to wake up in the morning with no sign of her joining us anytime soon. I was due on April 2nd so she was (according to dates) 11 days late; however, I was not worried or overly anxious. I knew she would come when she was ready to. We did a few natural things to prepare for birth, such as pressure points, massaging with clary sage oil (that is supposed to help contractions remain strong. Funny thing is it didn’t do a thing to me but two of my sisters, after smelling it for a night, got their periods), walking (I did a lot of walking, I think Paislee was immune to it) and on the Monday before I had her, I visited the chiropractor. Other than that we waited patiently.
PaisleeJo2On Tuesday night before I had her, Natalie and I walked to the park, all the while having pretty strong and pretty regular contractions. I knew the time was getting close and at this point thought it would really start strong once the other two kids went to bed. Luckily, Paislee allowed me a full night sleep and woke me at up 5:15 a.m. with contractions letting me know it was ‘go time’. They started every 10 min lasting for about 40 seconds. I told Kyle he may not want to go to work because she was ready to join us. I laid in bed until about 7, then came upstairs to give my little guy, Maverick, some loving before I really had to concentrate on the contractions. That didn’t last long, once I came upstairs the contractions became more like every 5 minutes, lasting about a minute. Labor was getting active. We called Gammy, my mom, to have her come and pick up Maverick and Natalie and I headed down to shower and try to relax in the hot water during contractions. Kyle filled the birth tub and got the postpartum bed ready and Kim checked the baby and was timing contractions. Kyle is very supportive and there when I need him to be; however, it is really hard for him to see me in so much pain so he comes and goes and busies himself with things to do and prepare for. Meanwhile, Kim, not only my incredible midwife but my sister and friend, is my constant support, encouraging me, holding me and massaging me through every contraction.
Within what seemed like minutes of getting in the shower the contractions were strong and close together, coming every minute and a half, and, boy did they hurt. I now remember how bad labor is and wanted to curse Eve for making us go through this, all for a little apple, not even for chocolate cake, but an apple!…it couldn’t have been that good for this much pain in trade.
PaisleeJo3I stood in the shower for a while and after I got out I sat on the toilet (to me this is one of the biggest helps during labor by allowing there to be no pressure on my bottom and allowing me to visualize dilating and opening fully to be able to push the baby out). I am not sure how long I sat there, all I know is contractions were strong and hard and I was ready for it to be over. Kim massaged me with frankincense oil and Lavender lotion hoping it would help ease a little of the pain and maybe it did but it still hurt.
Once I got off the toilet I was ready for the birth tub, something about the warm water helps take the edge off a little bit. I hugged my hubby through a couple of contractions and then he helped me get in the tub where I spent the rest of my labor. My other midwife, Danielle, came around 9:30 a.m. and I was in so much pain I didn’t even say hi, all I knew is I wanted it to end. Soon after entering the birth tub my water broke and I was hoping that would mean I got to start pushing right away. With each contraction I prayed I would feel that urge to push, but contraction after contraction came with no urge to push. I had no choice but to continue accepting each contraction through cries and moans knowing that each one would bring me closer to the end.
Finally it was time. I felt it, I needed to push. I asked for a mirror so I could see the baby crowning and I started pushing strongly. It took about 3 contractions and then I could really see her head. I wasn’t in a position to catch her myself and her shoulder was slightly stuck so Kim helped pull her out, her cord was wrapped around her tummy so together we untangled it, seen she was a girl and within seconds she was in my arms and I held her tight. She was precious. She was so calm, she didn’t make a peep but opened her eyes immediately and stared at Kyle, he started tearing up and just like that she had him wrapped around her perfect little fingers.
PaisleeJo4While the cord was still attached I climbed out of the birth tub, Kyle cut the cord and took her so that I could make my way to the bed and deliver the placenta. The placenta was delivered a short time later and then I made Kyle give me our precious baby girl so I could hold her again, skin to skin. The hard work was over, it was time to let the love begin.
We called the kids right away to tell them they had a baby sister and asked my mom to bring them in so that Maverick could cut the cord again (we left it long so that he could cut it more).
When they got here, they were in love immediately and the questions came flying out of Maverick’s mouth. I can’t remember even half of them…but some of them were:
‘Mom, why are you bleeding?’
‘Can I see the blood?’ (yes he wanted to see the blood)
‘Why did Paislee have a cord?’
‘Did you cry?’
‘Why does it hurt?’
‘How come the baby comes out of your vagina?’
‘Your tummy isn’t big anymore.’
‘Can we go to the jump place tomorrow?’ (There is a place filled with trampolines he loves going to and I told him he would have to wait until the baby came out to go again, I just didn’t clarify the baby would have to be here for a while before we went.)
After a ton of questions to me he went over and looked in the birth tub, which had blood in it and he says ‘Yeah I think I will be here for the next baby!’ At least he doesn’t have a weak stomach, lol! I had wanted him to be there to watch Paislee come into the world but after several attempts to get him to stay, Gammy won him over and he was out the door the second she got there. So his response to the birth tub was priceless, most three year olds would be grossed out but after he had seen all the blood then he wanted to watch. We asked him if he wanted to look at the placenta and sure enough he did. Kim brought him upstairs and showed him how the baby lived and ate while it was in my tummy. He touched the placenta and asked more questions…
‘Did the baby get to eat spaghetti-o’s?’
‘How about ice cream?’
‘How did the baby live in there?’
And many more questions; about 20 minutes worth, those are just a few.
PaisleeJo6Natalie on the other hand was all about her mom and the new baby. Every time someone brought her upstairs she would escape and run for the downstairs again to see me and Paislee. She was so cute with her and she was being a little show-off as well showing me tricks she could do.
After they left, it was time to check me, the part I hate. I had one small tear, nothing that required stitches, thank God, and everything else looked as good as can be expected after birth. Danielle helped me get up and go to the bathroom, then I rinsed off in the shower and settled in for a long cuddle and nursing session. Paislee took right to the breast, she was the easiest one of them all to start eating, it made my heart happy. After a good time cuddling and nursing she was given her Vitamin K shot and taken to be weighed and measured and examined. She weighed in at 8lbs 9oz and was 20.5″ long. Danielle and Kim then decided to see how term she was. Using a method for scoring babies womb time, Paislee scored in at a whopping 44 weeks, lol. We think they gave her a little too many A+’s, so now any time she does something well we can say, ‘Well it is because you were 44 weeks!’…it was both their first time using that testing method and it gave us a good laugh.
Throughout the exam, Danielle noticed that her tongue was heart-shaped, meaning she couldn’t stick it out very far, which in the end may result in a harder time feeding and a lisp when she starts talking so the option was to clip her tongue or wait it out. We decided to go ahead and clip it, she didn’t scream or anything and we will not have to worry about it later on.
All in all the birth went amazingly well. After 5 hours of hard labor, I had given birth to my third child. The miracle of birth is so incredible. Even though when I am going through it I don’t see it as incredible. I see it more like a curse to women and there are so many times during it I just want to give up and then the incredible thing happens. I birthed a baby, I had the strength to do it, with incredible support from Kim and Kyle and as I gaze at my baby I feel an incredible strength that I have only ever felt after giving birth. I feel like I can achieve anything and everything and I am so happy I once again went through the steps to birth naturally. It is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done and I will treasure each one of their birth stories for the rest of my life.

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