The Birth of Oria Adams

Oria Patty Adams was born on December 18, 2010 to first-time parents Nicole and Jeff (BC) in Vancouver. After a wonderful pregnancy of active days and restful nights, marked only by slight nausea in the beginning and some pain near the end, a date had been set for Nicole and Jeff’s little one to make her debut. But like many other things in life, labour doesn’t always adhere to schedules and appointments. Nicole’s advice to expectant moms nearing their d-dates – don’t focus too much on exactly how you want your labour and delivery to go but rather on the beautiful gift that awaits you at the end. Oria, now 11 months, is a sweet, adventurous little girl who, even in the dreariest Vancouver weather, fills her parents’ days with sunshine.


Oria was going to be born via scheduled cesarean on December 23rd due to her being in a breech presentation. I was excited that I was going to have the most amazing Christmas gift this year, a baby I’d spent the last 9 months growing with! I was happy to have a date planned before Christmas since my actual due date wasn’t until December 28th.

So on December 18th, we started our day like most other Saturdays. A trip with Fenway to the dog park. Lunch. Bowling for Jeff’s work Christmas party. I decided I could bowl and slipped while releasing a large ball. So I continued to spend the afternoon bowling but with the ramp instead. We had a great few hours socializing and joking that today could be the day the baby arrives.

It started to lightly snow on our way home and we decided an evening in watching hockey on the couch would be nice (most days at this time I was asleep by 8-9). So I nestled my head in Jeff’s lap while he watched hockey and I dozed off.

I woke suddenly to a pop sensation followed by lots of water. It was 7 pm. I woke up suddenly and informed Jeff of what just happened. Due to the fact that Oria was breech I needed to get to the hospital quickly! So about 15 minutes after my water broke contractions kicked in. Fast and furious. The contractions quickly became constant and I breathed calmly through them while Jeff made the call to the midwife.

Inside, I panicked cause I felt that the contractions were coming too quickly knowing I had a breech baby. I was also terrified that I wasn’t ready yet for our world to change.

We made our way to the hospital while Jeff continued to give the illusion of being calm. We were greeted by our midwife at 8:30 pm. Got ourselves all checked in and while my midwife was checking my vitals, she was calmly telling me how I was in early labour and if the baby wasn’t breech, we’d still be at home talking on the phone. (I must have really been giving the illusion that I was cool.) At the same time, a nurse came by and asked if my cervix had been checked and it hadn’t been, so Thea, my midwife checked me and determined I was 6 cm dilated. She flew out of the room in quite a hurry and within seconds I had about 10 people on me wheeling me into emergency! While all this was going on, Jeff thought it would be a good idea to grab some food (he thought he had more time).

Within 15 minutes of the midwife checking how many centimeters dilated I was, and a baby’s foot emerging while on the operating table, at 10 pm an amazing team of health care workers delivered a beautiful 7 lb 12 oz baby girl, Oria Patty Adams. With Jeff touching my head and my midwife holding my hand, I felt totally taken care of.

Jeff had to go and check if we had a boy or a girl and reported back “it’s a girl”! I was totally in love with my new family and blessed to have had such an amazing partner and a healthy baby girl! All in all I was left with a blissful feeling of joy and happiness that has stayed with me every day for the last 11 months. It’s an amazing love that I didn’t know I could feel.


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