Now, this I have to write down…

Seven weeks ago, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. It was an indescribable experience that while I know I will never forget, I felt compelled to document. Over the course of my pregnancy, two close friends gave birth to their little ones and were kind enough to share their labour experiences and advice with me. I also spoke to many other mothers, who despite having children who are now in high school and university (not so much children anymore), readily shared the details of how their babies came into this world ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. They may not have remembered every finite detail but there was always some part of their experience that they seemed to be able to recount with such vividness and joy – like it had happened just yesterday. I was inspired by all of these stories. And after going through it myself, I was even more fascinated.

So I decided to start this site, dedicated to retelling the amazing tales of how our precious babies entered our lives, changed our worlds and captured our hearts. It’s for mothers – new and seasoned – to share and exchange their stories and words of wisdom; for expectant mothers to see what others have been through (and survived) and to know that they are not alone in what they are thinking and feeling; and for anyone who finds hope and inspiration in the wonder of a baby being born.

I hope you enjoy the stories to come, beginning with my own. If you would like to share your baby’s birth story, email me at


3 thoughts on “Now, this I have to write down…

  1. Your story of Jacks entry into the world is not only beautiful, but truly inspirational for all ready to share the miracle of birth. Well done!
    What a great idea.

  2. Carolyn, this is a beautiful and enlightening blog for everyone who appreciates life. Reminds us, that like ourselves, each birth story is unique and special.

    Great job! I’m so proud of you mommy and very grateful for my nephew, Jack.

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